Triangulations Apartment


A small penthouse of 35 m² in front of the recently renewed Sant Antoni market asks for a reform that seeks to obtain more spacious spaces and above all a greater connection with its exterior terrace.

The plan has a curious shape, with two areas at opposite ends connected by a corridor. The organization of the program arises almost immediately: the living room-kitchen-dining room oriented to the southeast, with the terrace in front, facing the street. The bedroom and the bathroom in the back, facing the quite interior of the block.

The most complex operation the project has to face is the demolition of the two walls that divide the living room and separate it from the terrace. The pre-existing structure, in spite of its appearance, is very complex to support because of several beams embedded in the floor, one of which will have to be held up with a brace. Once the walls have been demolished, we obtain enough space to place the day area, further enhancing the exceptional views and connection to the terrace.

The particular shape of the floor plan, where triangular relationships abound, inspires the main formal idea: the different fixtures (kitchen, washroom, cupboards) will be arranged accentuating the triangulations that will be reinforced through a series of shelves at different levels. On a material note, the ceiling vaults are recovered, establishing a “mirrored” effect with the new ceramic flooring while all the rest is painted with the neutral luminosity of white.



Date sheet

Use: Housing

Location: Barcelona

Project date: 2019 | Construction date: 2019 | End date: 2020

Built surface: 35 m2

Author: Nil Brullet Francí

Team: Lluís Mateos | Aina Comabella

Photography: Andrés Flajszer

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