Trapeze house


The dwelling is sited on a plot where the natural slope of the terrain, the inclined party walls, the backdrop of the Cadí mountain range, and the southern orientation define the fundamental directionality of the project. This directionality is achieved through the use of the elemental form of the trapezium, which configures, in both plan and section, the general volumes of the house and those of its various interior rooms. As a result of this configuration, the composition is stretched to project the space towards the good views and the sunlight.

Additionally, a duality of construction and structure is employed to establish the atmospheric sequence that defines the dwelling. On one hand, the stereotomic materiality of stone and concrete that support the house on the ground level configure the entrance porch, the circulation and service space of the ground and first floors, and the cave-like nature of the underground level. Furthermore, this materiality provides thermal inertia to the entirety of the dwelling. On the other hand, the tectonic lightness of wood that floats on the heavy volumes characterizes the access courtyard, configures the served interior spaces, and allows light to penetrate the underground level.

In summary, a series of generous openings in the different trapezoids connects the various interior spaces with one another and with the exterior, thereby generating a rich concatenation of visuals that integrates the atmospheric duality of the dwelling.



Data Sheet

Use: Dwelling

Location: Cerdanya

Project date: 2022

Built surface: – 386 m2

Author: Nil Brullet Francí

Team: Nil Brullet Francí, Mario García Gil, Luis Mateos Vidal

Photography: Andrés Flajszer

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