Library in Gelida


The site for the new Gelida library is located on a hinge site between urban structures, the old town center, and the residential area, which at the same time presents a notable difference in elevation. The proposal for a triangular-shaped building, which maximizes floor occupancy, allows the design of a large square on the roof that becomes a new point of centrality, a wide flat space within the inclined slope of the mountain where the municipality is located. In this large square, open to views of the valley, the development of various activities is proposed: adjacent to the urban structure is placed the terrace of the bar, in the center a children’s play area, at the end of the triangle a reading area and relationship, and on top of the roof, an area of ​​stands from which you can enjoy the views and the sunset on spring and summer days. A large deciduous plant pergola provides shade during the warmer months and contains photovoltaic cells. Some steps and an accessible ramp make up a broad descent system that allows one to go down to a lower level where a small square opens that will serve as a limited access space for the library, around which, with the aim of providing it with vitality, will be they locate the most dynamic pieces: the access area, the multipurpose space, and the children’s area.

Upon passing through the entrance gate, visitors arrive at the access area, where they will find an array of amenities including zones for newspapers, magazines, as well as music and images, all of which contribute to the vibrancy of the space. From the quadrant of the arrival area, one may enter on one side the multipurpose room, which is designed to be used independently of the rest of the library, and on the other side, the children’s area, which is relatively segregated from other spaces within the library and connected to the outdoor access square, where various outdoor activities may take place.

Finally, from the side of the elevator, one may gain access to the internal work area which boasts ample natural lighting and even a terrace for staff to rest. This area is directly connected via elevator to the document repository and logistic warehouse situated on the floor below. On the -1 floor, accessible through a wide spiral staircase or the elevator, visitors will find the information and general fund area. This space is open towards the north facade and features an assortment of reading points, which are directly related to the various training and support spaces that are conveniently sectorized, as well as illuminated and ventilated via the southwest facade strip. The archive area is situated partially below ground, supported by the Old Station Road. This design choice allows for the rooms that do not require natural lighting and necessitate hydrotectonic stability (deposits, warehouses, etc.) to be buried while the consultation rooms face the facade. By taking advantage of the topographic slope of the street, archive access is proposed, allowing it to function completely independently. From this access point, visitors may take a ramp to access the car park situated below the -1 floor, where the facilities area is also located.



Data Sheet

Use: Public

Location: Gelida, Barcelona

Project date: 2021

Built surface: – 1.017,51 m2

Author: Nil Brullet Francí, Taller d’Arquitectura a Les Golfes

Team: Carmen Bodelón, Martina Fabré, Nil Brullet, Manuel Brullet, Maria Morillo, Javier Manén

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