La Maresma

Cultural Center


The proposal articulates, in a single urban area of significant potentiality, the concatenation of public spaces from Church Square to the access place in Can Martinet, passing through the town square and descending to the Cooperative Square. A new topography is planned which integrates through stands, the different heights, and forming a visually unified space with unevenness of less than 55 cm. Built into the topography, two ramps ensure accessibility between the two levels. In order to generate a wide space that can accommodate various activities, the circulating system on the perimeter is centrifuged, allowing a new square, which unifies in an imperceptible slope plan the levels of access to the hall and the Cooperative building.

The primary façade restores the original geometry of its openings, with the large portal that becomes the primary access. In this fashion, it presides over the new square which transforms into an ideal space for the staging of theatrical works or other events, bringing the activity from the interior of the hall to the public sphere. The very design of the topography allows for various types of activities: areas with steps which form comfortable benches with backrests for seating, more informal spaces for dwelling, a section dedicated to children’s games, and stair systems which facilitate the swift traversal of the incline. The usage of a perforated ceramic piece for both the skin of the edifice and the pavement and containment of the inclines generates a firm compositional unity, while simultaneously reinterpreting the typical ceramic facades and pavements characteristic of the popular architecture of the Maresme.

The closed program focuses on two points that articulate the interior space, creating a large multipurpose diaphanous room, capable of accommodating 210 seated spectators or 530 standing. The entrance area opens to the square through the old portal and is visually connected through the latticework. It contains the bathrooms, the cloakroom, and a bar that can serve both inside and outside. A new attic is proposed as a complementary area that allows to increase the capacity with 90 seated people or 320 standing, and also functions as a technical area, rehearsal room, or room for small format activities. The backstage, with rolling access, offers a wide multifunctional area that serves, on the ground floor, as a storage space, with dressing rooms located on the first floor, and a technical space of installations undercover.



Data Sheet

Use: Public

Location: Cabrera de Mar, Barcelona

Project date: 2022

Built surface: – 660 m2

Author: Nil Brullet Francí, Taller d’Arquitectura a Les Golfes

Team: Carmen Bodelón, Martina Fabré, Nil Brullet Francí, Maria Morillo, Raquel Just, Aina Rodríguez

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