Through Volumes Apartament


In a typical 1970s apartment in Barcelona’s Eixample district, a comprehensive reform is being planned. The proposal seeks to create a more interconnected space that avoids long, dark corridors and creates larger and brighter spaces.

The redistribution is based on the arrangement of a series of volumes that contain the functional spaces (bathroom and kitchen bars, showers, toilets or cabinets), which are arranged longitudinally, thus emphasising the passing character of the house in such a way that crossed visuals are created which connect the different served spaces (rooms, halls, or appropriable circulation spaces) with each other and with the outside. The kitchen occupies the centre of the floor, transforming the old passage into a place of activity and light. The size of the smaller rooms is increased and a spacious room is gained, which faces Gran Vía.

A powerful grid defined by the dimensions of the traditional ceramic scraper generates the coordinate system on which the project is based. The server volumes arrive just below the beams (recovered with the demolition of the false ceilings), which are painted white as well as the pre-existing perimeter walls, generating a contrast with the new volumes introduced and with the pavement, characterized by the reddish tapestry of the ceramic.



Date sheet

Use: Housing

Location: Barcelona

Project date: 2019 | Construction date: 2019 | End date: 2020

Built surface: 173 m2

Author: Nil Brullet Francí

Team: Lluís Mateos

Photography: Andrés Flajszer

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